The gunSHOT BOX™

A Highly Advanced, Electronic Gunfire Training System

The gunSHOT BOX™ is the latest training aid designed to equip and train first responders and civilians on how to quickly respond during active threats. This electronic system creates unlimited and realistic sounding gunshots complete with the concussion and muzzle flash of real gunfire.

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“We are excited to get the gunSHOT BOX™ today because we can’t wait to use it tomorrow at our Citizen’s Academy training and in conjunction with our new Milo Range simulation system.”

Chief Brandon Standley

Bellefontaine Police Department


Extremely durable, rugged, and built to take whatever you throw at it. Ask about our warranty and "Hot Swap" program.


The realism of the blast is so convincing due in part to the 125 db adjustable volume as well as the concussion and muzzle flash of real gunfire

Better Prepared

The more realistic the training the better-prepared trainees will be if the real thing should happen. More preparedness means saved lives.

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