How The gunSHOT BOX™ Works

The gunshot box is an electronic gunfire simulation system that is remotely controlled to reproduce the sound of gunshots on demand. Real explosions with safe levels of sound percussion with no cartridges expendables or speakers. 

The Details


  • Unit Dimensions:  7.5″ X 12″ X 6″
  • Case Dimensions: 21.5″ X 17″ X 8.5″ (holds 2 units)
  • Weight (1 unit): 18lbs  | Case + 2 Units:  34lbs
  • 110 VAC/60HZ with 14ft power cord. Remote power accessories are available.
  • 315 MHZ waterproof remotes
    (uses our proprietary closed digital wireless system, does not require Bluetooth, WIFI or internet).
  • Remote Range: 100-150ft (works through concrete walls).
  • Nearly indestructible padded case.
  • Includes spare fuse.

Main Benefits

  • No Expendables, Speakers Or Refills

    Endless gunshots generated on-demand.

  • Precise Remote Fire

    Trigger gunshot sequences remotely through walls or down hallways. 100-150 ft range.

  • Adrenaline Producing Realism

    125 db explosion with muzzle flash and retort

Since the realism of the blast is so convincing police departments and organizations and Federal Agencies such as Milo Range, A.L.E.R.R.T, and the FBI are running the systems as upgrades to speaker systems and costly blank rounds.

The gunSHOT BOX was also featured in an article about innovative training technology in the March 2021 issue of POLICE magazine.


gunSHOT BOX™ Features

This is a physics phenomenon achieved by charging up a series of capacitors and creating a small arc between electrodes that ionizes the air just before the system releases a larger electrostatic discharge and “muzzle flash/bang”. In fact, you see a large version of this in nature during a lightning storm, but this is happening in 6 little heat-resistant chambers in a controlled and repeatable environment.


01 | 6 High Output Ports - 125db
02 | Percussion Chambers w/ electrodes
03 | Step-up Transformers + Capacitor Banks
04 | Rugged .50 Cal Steel Ammo Can
05 | Power Indicator/switch + Spare Fuse

Your Training Is Never Interrupted

Hot Swap | New replacement units will be sent out immediately to replace any down units to minimize training impact. Upon receipt of the replacement, you will use the same packaging and enclosed label for the return.