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The gunSHOT BOX™ is the latest training aid designed to equip and train first responders and civilians how to quickly respond during active threats. This electronic system, creates unlimited and realistic sounding gunshots complete with the concussion and muzzle flash of real gunfire.  

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How It Works

This is a physics phenomenon achieved by charging up a series of capacitors and creating a small arc between electrodes that ionizes the air just before the system releases a larger electrostatic discharge and “muzzle flash/bang”. In fact, you see a large version of this in nature during a lightning storm, but this is happening in 6 little heat-resistant chambers in a controlled and repeatable environment.

01 | 6 High Output Ports - 125db

02 | Percussion Chambers w/ electrodes

03 | Step-up Transformers + Capacitor Banks

04 | Rugged .50 Cal Steel Ammo Can

05 | Power Indicator/switch + Spare Fuse


Durability for training environments is key, so we shock-mounted all of the electronic components (NO mechanical/moving parts or relays) inside a heavy-duty sealed ammo can and provided extra-long 14’ power cords. The two units come protected in a Pelican® style padded case ready to be deployed to your next training site, whether that is inside a shoot-house, a school, house of worship, or at a range.

Warranty | 3 years

Hot Swap | New units will be sent out immediately to replace any down units to minimize training impact. Upon receipt of the replacement, you will use the same packaging and enclosed label for the return.

2 units per waterproof case

Why the gunSHOT BOX?

Learn how the gunSHOT BOX came to be and how it can revolutionize your training! The gunSHOT BOX reduces costs, keeps your trainees safer, and realistically simulates gunfire no matter where you are training (Schools, Churches, Ranges, or Simulators).

As you are reading this....schools, stores, houses of worship, and workplaces are going into lock-down across the globe - Thousand(s) EVERY day.

You don't need to wait to prepare for active threats. Equip your team today, and rest assured knowing you put forth your best effort to protect those who have been entrusted to you.


The safest way to simulate gunfire in an active shooter training”

- Stephen Willeford, Sutherland Springs, TX(A.K.A., The BarefootDefender)

“This year’s active shooter response training rose to a whole new level of realism as we used to slap boards together at our training last year!”

-Training Sgnt, Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office, MI

“We are excited to get the gunSHOT BOX today because we can’t wait to use it tomorrow at our Citizen’s Academy training and in conjunction with our new Milo Range simulation system.

-Chief Brandon Standley, Bellefontaine Police Department

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Since the realism of the blast is so convincing police departments and organizations and Federal Agencies such as Milo Range, A.L.E.R.R.T, and the FBI are running the systems as upgrades to speaker systems and costly blank rounds.

The gunSHOT BOX was also featured in an article about innovative training technology in the March 2021 issue of POLICE magazine.

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