gunSHOT BOX™ - A Highly Advanced, Electronic Gunfire Training System

Thrust Active Shooter Response trainees into a state of hypervigilance not achieved any other way

Active Shooter Response System Providing A Safe Alternative To Blank Rounds

Most responders don’t know how they will actually react in the midst of an active shooting.

So we created the gunSHOT BOX™ which generates unlimited adrenaline-invoking simulated gunshots — replicating the intensity of shots-fired for a safe alternative to blank rounds or blank firing guns.  Trainees will now be prepared to swiftly respond with predictable confidence and save lives.

Create A Hyper Realistic Training Environment & Save Lives

inadequate Active Shooter Response Training Costs Lives

We all know active shooter emergencies are happening far more often than ever before and on the rise. And while more law enforcement, military and private agencies like yours are training for these situations, most are doing so inadequately.

And it’s not your fault.

Most active shooter training systems lack the realism, experience and sound of the real situation.  Therefore, even if you’ve been trained well and regularly, you don’t know how you will actually react in the midst of an active shooting situation.

Recent Example

Grocery Store Shooting: Boulder, CO

No story shows this better than the recent grocery store shooting in Boulder, CO where 10 people, including an officer, lost their lives. 

As the FBI was reviewing video evidence of the incident, they noticed there was a highly trained and armed responder in the store that was properly positioned to take out the shooter.

But because of the loudness of the gunshots inside the building he involuntarily froze and shut down…rendering him unable to take out the shooter sooner. 

This of course is in no way his fault as he had always trained with hearing protection which of course did not prepare him for the real thing when it happened.

And isn’t that what our training is supposed to ensure…namely…that we don’t have to guess how we’ll respond when trouble comes.

When lives are on the line, creating hyper-realistic scenarios and situations is the only way to ensure trainees are ready for the real thing if and when it happens. That’s why the FBI has now integrated the gunSHOT BOX into their Quantico FBI Academy and training facility. 

Changes All This

Real explosions with safe levels of sound percussion with no cartridges, expendables, or speakers. No more slapping boards together or using the fire command to activate your trainees.

Feel The Difference

Produce real explosions with safe levels of sound percussion (125db) with no cartridges, expendables, or speakers while producing realism never achieved before….

You Call The Shots...Literally

Trainers can produce incredibly realistic gunshot sounds either triggered from a wireless remote that works in different rooms (through walls) or synchronized with simulator-based training systems. Current integrations include the MILO Range Training Simulator.

In addition, the trainer can trigger individual shots or unlimited rapid bursts at will.  No other alternative comes close.


You choose.  You can trigger the shots using the included remote control or...


With our advanced simulator interfaces, perfectly synced gunshots can now enhance the realism.

Durability You Can trust.

We know that when you’re in the business of saving lives, quality and durability can’t be sacrificed.  That’s why we stand behind the gunSHOT BOX with an incredible warranty, put our units through rugged testing and make them so they stand up to the abuse they are likely to take in the real world training scenarios.  

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