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RAS-PACK: Revolutionizing Active Shooter Training Scenarios

Experience Unmatched Realism with Our Latest Innovation

Immerse yourself in the next generation of active shooter training with the Roving Active Shooter Backpack System (RAS-PACK). Elevate your scenarios with a cutting-edge Training Response System designed for unparalleled realism.



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Key Benefits

Advanced Mobility for Realistic Scenarios

The RAS-PACK allows role players to move freely, replicating authentic active shooter situations. This dynamic element enhances your training’s realism and effectiveness.

Comprehensive Training Bundle:

The RAS-PACK includes an AR with Recoil and Laser, as well as a Glock-style sidearm. Both come equipped with gunSHOT BOX remote triggers, providing a complete training solution for diverse scenarios.

Convenient Transportation:

All components are securely stored in a durable carrying case, making transportation to and from training sites easy and efficient.


Glock 17/19/21/22/23 Compatible

Immersive Audio Experience:

Our proprietary gunSHOT BOX technology delivers hyperrealistic gunshot sounds, creating an environment that mirrors the stress of real-world scenarios.

Safety at the Core:

Active noise-canceling ear protection is included to ensure the safety of participants while maintaining the intensity of the training experience.

Realism without Compromise:

Weighing only 19.5 lbs, the RAS-PACK strikes the perfect balance between realism and mobility, offering an authentic training experience without hindering movement.

What's Included in the Kit

The RAS-PACK is a comprehensive training solution designed to elevate your active shooter scenarios. Each kit includes the following components, carefully curated to provide an unparalleled training experience:

Remote Power Supply

  • Ensure uninterrupted training sessions with a reliable power source.
  • Power all components seamlessly for extended training exercises.

AR with Recoil and Laser

  • Experience lifelike recoil for enhanced realism in firearm training.
  • Accurate laser targeting improves precision and effectiveness.

9mm Glock-style Sidearm with Laser

  • Provide a realistic secondary weapon option for diverse training scenarios.
  • Laser-equipped for precise targeting and simulation.

gunSHOT BOX Remote Triggers

  • Enhance control and precision in your training exercises.
  • Trigger realistic gunshot sounds at strategic moments for heightened realism.

Protective Carrying Case

  • Safely transport your equipment to and from training sites with ease.
  • Durable construction ensures the protection of your investment.

Backpack + gunSHOT BOX

  • The backpack system houses the gunSHOT BOX for easy mobility and setup.
  • Ensure flexibility and realism in active shooter scenarios with this portable solution.

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RAS-PACK: Your Ultimate Training Companion

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Invest in Quality Training

RAS-PACK is priced at $4995, ensuring you receive top-notch equipment for the most realistic training experience.


The RAS-PACK offers unparalleled realism with advanced mobility, hyperrealistic sound, and a complete training bundle for a lifelike experience.

Yes, safety is a top priority. The RAS-PACK includes active noise-canceling ear protection to ensure a secure and effective training environment.

Elevate your training scenarios with RAS-PACK – the pinnacle of realistic active shooter training solutions. Invest in the future of tactical training today.